Business Bike

With 52 stations and 370 bicycles throughout Malta, nextbike provides an active transportation option to travel between offices, run to meetings, or grab a bite to eat, all without paying for parking. Using a bicycle is often the fastest mode of travel in the Inner Harbour Region and bike trips reduce carbon emissions, ease traffic congestion, reduce the physical impact on roads – and make people healthier and happier!

Step 1 – Pick a Level

Group Membership gives your employees unlimited 30-minute rides per month. You’ll only pay for each employee who registers.

Step 2 – Send us your Info

Send us your organization’s name, mailing address, phone number, a primary contact person and your organization’s domain nameEmployees must use your organization’s domain when registering for nextbike Malta. They will automatically receive Group Membership pricing and you will be automatically invoiced for your portion.

Step 3 –Get Invoiced

nextbike will send you an invoice listing all registered employees.

As an employer you can also avail yourself of tax incentives and grants for providing free transportation to your employees to come to work.For more information and to discuss further contact us on