Celebrate L-Aħħar Festa with a Free ride! 15.12.2018.


For the city wide Valletta 2018’s Closing Spectacle: L-Aħħar Festa on 15th December 2018, we have enabled all our customers free and more sustainable way to get to Valletta.

How it works: Open your Nextbike app -> ≡ -> Account settings -> Redeem voucher -> enter code 863386 -> Enjoy your ride

T & C:
• you can redeem the voucher twice per day on 15th December 2018.
• when redeemed, the voucher grants 60 free minutes for one rental in Malta on that same day only (no carry-over)
• the two redemptions per day are for two separate rentals of max. 60 minutes each and can't be combined for one rental of 120 free minutes
• if a rental is ends after less than 60 minutes, the remaining minutes of that redemption are lost
• the voucher is only valid for one bike. Each Nextbike customer can rent up to 4 simultaneous bikes but only one will become available with one voucher per account.
• Code is valid only for the duration of L-Aħħar Festa on 15th December 2018.