Safe Cycling


Tips for Motorists:

- Some roads are too narrow to overtake bicycle users safely.

- Be patient and wait for the road to widen. Good drivers take care of other road users.

- Bicycle users can be hard for drivers to see - especially if driving and texting. Riders and their families are counting on you.

- Check for cars AND bicycles. At junctions, intersections or when opening the car door. Your attention will save someone’s life someday.

- Leave a safe distance when overtaking bicycles on the road. To a bicycle user, your car could be a serious threat.

- Bicycle users need to know your next move - just like other road users. 

- Use your indicators and think ahead. Lives depend on it.


Tips for Cyclists

- Cycle safely by wearing high-visibility clothing and making eye-contact with drivers. Get noticed, get around safely.

- Riding a bicycle? Ride positive. Always cycle in the direction of traffic and obey traffic lights.

- Bicycle users share the same rights AND responsibilities as other road users.

- Attention bicycle users! Stay safe and use your hands to indicate your next move. Help drivers make decisions that keep you safe.

- In narrow roads, cycle in the middle of the lane and a door’s width from parked cars. Don't encourage risky overtaking.


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